EMS Body Sculpting Training

Want to help your clients build muscle and melt fat? Here’s a great way of doing just that with EMS Body Sculpting (Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation). It works by stimulating theician’s own natural electromagnetism, which causes them painless triggering signals along their nerve endings in order create movement or vibration within muscles where there was once none! This process creates microscopic trauma on targeted areas leading not only increase blood flow but also protein digestion causing more rapid results from weight gain/loss programs without having you go through surgery.

If you have been thinking about adding non surgical body contouring certification to your repertoire, now is the time. Offer this revolutionary treatment and grow business with EMS Body Sculpting training today!

EMS Body Sculpting

EMS Body Sculpting takes a new approach to body shaping by using high-intensity pulsed electromagnetic (HIPEM) technology. The machine creates supramaximal muscle contractions that force the muscles into adapting and growing, giving you an incredible sculpted look!

The client is put in a comfortable position, and the applicator strap over their target area. Next they will feel some minor tingling as EMS Body Sculpting machine stimulates supramaximal muscular contractions in that region for 30 minutes – equivalent to doing 20 thousand crunches!

You can get an average muscle gain of 16% and fat loss 19%. It’s most effective for men or women who are close to their desired shape looking for extra definition.

Let’s Talk About The Benefits

HIPEM is a revolutionary new weight loss machine that sculpts your client’s body in just one session. It has no downtime, nor does it require any surgery to produce lasting results – making this an ideal solution for those who are interested only by slimmer figures without the hassle of additional treatments like stitches or post-op diet restrictions!

EMS Body Sculpting can give you a treatment that will instantly tone your muscles and leave them feeling sore for hours after. You’ll get magnified results with this process, as it’s performed on large groups of muscle groups at once (typically 4-6 sessions).

EMS Body Sculpting is the next big thing in body sculpting, and it’s only going up from here.

You’ll be able to give your clients a more confident look with body sculpting. You will also increase sales by boosting self-esteem and feeling better about themselves! The science behind this procedure is really interesting, so you can focus on what areas work best for different skin types or aesthetic goals without any worries that it won’t work well enough because we cover all those bases here in our course.


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